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Orange Crush Double Bubble Glass Clock

Orange Crush Double Bubble Glass Clock
Orange Crush Double Bubble Glass Clock
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Orange Crush Double Bubble Wall Clock

The clocks are designed to look like the old diner-style clocks from the past.

The Double Bubble clocks, were made from the 1940s to the 1960s and were known for being the most attractive of all the advertising clocks. Orange Crush clocks like this might have adorned the local hardware store, bicycle departments, or repair shops.

The clocks get their nickname, Double Bubble, because there is an inner crystal or glass bubble which displays the company logo. The hands of the clock are sandwiched between an outer crystal or glass bubble which usually displays the numbers of the clock. Domed glass over the front helps to float the hands above the Classic glassed-in Orange Crush logo. 

Each clock lights up with two 7 1/2 watt bulbs that are included.


  • Size: 14-1/2 Inch Diameter 
  • Materials: Glass and metal 
  • Assembly: No assembly required 

I also have other great bubble clocks available, such as Chevrolet, Frostie Root Beer, Nesbits Soda, Chevy Corvette, Dr. Pepper, Coke and Orange Crush.

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