Meet Jim Wright, the Mutton Hollow Chevys Artist.

Meet Jim Wright, the Mutton Hollow Chevys Artist.

"I have two things in life that I am really passionate about; I love Art, and I love Automobiles. I have been an Artist my entire life and won my first statewide art contest when I was in the second grade. I have studied at 3 different universities, have worked commercially on 2 different continents, and have spent my entire professional career honing my illustration and design skills. I specialize in technical and automotive illustration and have worked with industrial and automotive clients from around the world.


As for my love of Automobiles, I got my first car when I was only 15, and within 6 months, had done all the body and paint work on it. By the time that I was finished with high school, I was already on my 4th car. I love Chevrolets, having owned 3 Impalas, including an SS 409, 5 Corvettes, and several Tri-Fives. I have done frame-off restorations of a 55 Cameo, a 55 Bel Air Hardtop, and most recently, a one-owner 57 Nomad. It was during the restoration of my Nomad, that I really became acquainted with the wonderful people at Mutton Hollow Chevys. They supplied me with several of the pieces on my Nomad, and I was very impressed with their knowledge of the cars, the quality of their parts, and the depth of their service. Shortly thereafter, I started to do artwork for MHC, and it has evolved into a wonderful working relationship for both of us. I appreciate the opportunity that I have to work with them, and as for their parts business………. I highly recommend them, without reservation………they are the best!”

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