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Mutton Hollow Chevys is a Authorized Dealer for Danchuk.

Mutton Hollow Chevys is a Authorized Dealer for Danchuk.

The heart of Danchuk is our manufacturing department. Staffed with some of the most talented professionals in the restoration industry, all manufacturing is overseen by Art and Dan Danchuk. Art and Dan's hands on approach makes sure that every part we produce and offer for sale is the best it can be. The Danchuk's will not release a part until it is perfect, their reputation depends on it. Only after all necessary research is done, and the tooling is perfect, do they allow our experienced and knowledgeable production staff to begin production on a part. In order to produce the extensive and diverse inventory of parts that Danchuk produces, extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes is a necessity and our staff is the best in the business. From our beautiful reproduction grilles to our perfect lenses, the production team at Danchuk, in Santa Ana, California produces the finest parts available for your classic Chevy project.

The Danchuk Brothers feel very strongly about manufacturing in the U.S.A. It upsets them to see the direction our country has taken by manufacturing so many products overseas. These Chevy's, that we all know and love, are truly icons of classic Americana. Dan and Art feel that if you really care about preserving the integrity of our beloved classic Chevy's you should demand quality parts that are "Made in the USA" by American workers.