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1955 1956 1957 Chevy Cut Pile Molded Carpet MEDIUM MOCHA

Part Number:111-8655
1955 1956 1957 Chevy Cut Pile Molded Carpet MEDIUM MOCHA
1955 1956 1957 Chevy Cut Pile Molded Carpet MEDIUM MOCHA
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55-57 Chevy Cut Pile Molded Carpet Medium Mocha.


It is made by Trim Parts, the best in the industry. This is a CUT PILE MEDIUM MOCHA carpet. What makes this carpet so nice is that it is custom molded to fit your floor. The maker uses original floorplans to mold the carpet for the perfect fit. This will fit all 55-57 models. Let me know the year and body style of your car and it will be made to fit. I drop ship them directly from the factory. They are made to order and take 10-14 days to arrive at your doorstep. See below for installation instructions, very easy to install. I also have other colors.


Step 1- Removal

Remove your new TrimParts molded carpet from the box, unroll and lay the carpet in a warm area and allow it to settle for one to two hours before attempting to install. (This will allow the carpet to regain its molded shape.)
Remove sill plates (metal strip holding carpet at the threshold of the door). Be sure to keep the screws.
Remove the front seats and seat tracks by removing the floor bolts in the seat tracks. Be sure to check for and disconnect any electrical connections.
Remove rear seat cushions and center console if applicable.
Remove seat belt bolts if they are mounted in the carpet area.
It may be required to remove or loosen the kick panels and other moldings to remove the old carpet.
Remove the old carpet, KEEP IT! do not discard the old carpet yet.

Step 2- Preparation

Remove the old padding, leave the body insulation on the floor (do not remove the catalytic converter shield if the vehicle has one on the floor)
Vacuum or sweep the floor, remove all loose matter
Place the old carpet over your new TrimParts molded carpet. Mark any holes or additional cutout on the carpet with chalk, Do Not Cut Yet!

Step 3- Installation

Place your new TrimParts molded carpet in the vehicle by centering it on the transmission tunnel and working towards the sides. Match the contours of the carpet with the floor; be sure the heel pad is under the area for the gas pedal.
After confirming the proper fit, start the required cutouts as you fit the carpet to the vehicle. Note, it is better to start with a small slit in the carpet just large enough to fit over the object, then enlarge the opening only as much as required. Do Not Over Cut!
After the correct fit is determined, fold back a section of carpet, apply adhesive, and press back down to the floor. (Tip: Using a common automotive spray adhesive will give a smoother fit, and less likely to move over time.) Slip the carpet under the kick panels, door posts, and any valance if present, trim the excess that has been provided to allow for a perfect fit into your car.
Replace back seat, kick panels, consoles, seat belts, front seats, and sill plates (caution should be taken when reapplying any screws not to catch or snag the carpet.)

CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully installed another Quality Product from TrimParts.








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